Snaffle’s Shiroi Koibito WHITE Chocolate Catchcake


Shiroi Koibito WHITE Chocolate
Box of 4 pcs

This is a special collaboration between Snaffle’s and Shiroi Koibito. Specially air flown from Japan, Hokkaido. Snaffles Catchcake is one of the best cheesecake in Japan. They are smooth and fluffy. Light and soft, perfect for tea-time! They are different from the usual heavy and dense cheesecake as the milk and egg used in the cheesecake are from cows and chickens specially nurtured in Japan. Unique technology is used to ensure the cheesecake is perfectly cultured and baked.

Product is made in Japan and ingredients used are all exclusively from Japan as well.

Best consumed within 5-6 days. Keep refrigerated in chiller (not freezer).

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